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Impact story: DOL

Department of Labor’s (DOL) story

The partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and GSA’s equips state-level programs with the confidence that they are appropriately administering unemployment benefits.

The Department of Labor (DOL) and states administer unemployment benefits through a federal-state partnership for citizens of those respective states. In order to maintain the integrity of these programs, states must provide an accessible path to claiming benefits and must ensure that beneficiaries can verify their identity. partnered with the Department of Labor beginning in 2022, and now supports a growing number of their applications in addition to unemployment insurance.

The challenge

For many families, unemployment insurance (UI) can provide critical financial support, helping to pay for groceries or utilities. The COVID-19 pandemic brought this into sharp focus, especially the need for unemployment benefit recipients to receive their benefits in a timely, accessible way. At that time, many state-level UI offices were closed, presenting an additional barrier to claimants.

As states increased the use of online access to file for UI benefits, the delivery of benefits exposed the vulnerability of online filing systems to identify fraud. States needed tools to secure equitable access to benefits while providing sufficient security to verify identity.

The solution

The Department of Labor (DOL) recognized the importance of modernizing state unemployment insurance programs, and the critical role that identity verification played in doing it well. They worked with U.S. Digital Services (USDS) to develop a plan, bringing into the fold because of its intuitive user experience and its data privacy principles. The DOL team had an ambitious plan, and worked closely with them to quickly launch a pilot program in Arkansas in March 2022.

The impact

To date, has helped over 20,000 Arkansans more easily access their unemployment benefits.* The pilot was a success, with DOL accelerating the decision to make an ongoing offering for Arkansas UI applicants.

The success of the partnership attracted attention from other states who were also working to modernize their unemployment insurance processes, and in June of 2023, DOL announced plans to offer as a digital identity option to these interested states.

Soon after this announcement, began planning an integration with the Department of Labor and the State of Hawaii. When the tragic wildfires hit Maui, we accelerated our rollout in order to help folks who would be turning to that service to help them recover. Thousands of Hawaii residents were able to quickly get what they needed in the midst of a crisis, while also having the peace of mind knowing that’s security and anti-fraud controls were protecting them.

And because is also used for FEMA services via Department of Homeland Security, and disaster assistance loans via Small Business Association, residents of Hawaii could use a single account to simplify their interactions with Government services when it mattered most.

State unemployment insurance offices are on the front lines of providing critical services, and the success of this partnership with the Department of Labor highlights the importance of digital identity solutions in supporting this important work. Utah and Massachusetts have joined Arkansas and Hawaii in offering UI identity verification through To date, more than 112,000 digital claimants have been served.** GSA looks forward to continued work with the Department of Labor to support more states and their residents.

*As of January 2024

**As of March 2024

  • has verified over 20,000 unemployment insurance applicants from Arkansas since March 2022
  • Thousands of Hawaii residents have been able to receive unemployment benefits to help them recover from the tragic wildfires in summer 2023
  • Utah and Massachusetts have launched digital ID verification through the partnership
  • All states now have the opportunity to opt into the DOL UI modernization program that leverages
  • The successes of the participating state partnerships show the value of as a critical piece of national infrastructure
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