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How does protect my information? respects your privacy. We collect personal data online only to help you fulfill your requests with federal agencies that partner with us. manages specific parts of that agency’s website so we collect personal data in order to provide a secure and private environment for you to access certain government services. We are bound by our privacy policy. does not lease, sell or release your personal information to private companies, contractors, or vendors for marketing purposes. links to external federal government sites for services provided by those agencies. Those sites are subject to their own privacy policy, which is usually spelled out in a privacy policy and legal disclaimer available on their website.

Individual accounts get a double layer of security. We require two-factor authentication as well as strong passwords that meet new National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements for secure validation and verification. This includes two-factor authentication that requires you sign in with your password and a security code you receive on your phone. Two-factor authentication can help protect your account against password compromises.

Your information will stay secure. For more information, read our security and privacy policy.