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Troubleshoot uploading your state-issued ID

You are not required to upload a picture of yourself, or take a selfie, for identity verification. However, a clear photo of your state-issued ID is required for identity verification. If you’ve taken a photo that meets the requirements, try the steps below if you’re still getting an error while uploading your state-issued identification.

You can make 5 attempts to upload your document. Once you’ve made 5 attempts, the system will lock you out for six hours as a security precaution.

Please contact the agency you are trying to access if the steps below do not work and you are unable to complete the identity verification process.

Update your browser

An outdated browser might be the cause of your error. Follow the instructions below to update your browser:

Be sure to restart your computer and try signing in again.

Clear your browser cache and cookies

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or the data your browser stores, to resolve your error. Follow the instructions below to clear your browser cache and cookies:

Be sure to restart your computer and try signing in again.

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