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How to add images of your state-issued ID

A clear picture of your state-issued ID is required to complete the identity verification process. For best results, we recommend using a phone to automatically take a photo of the front and back of your ID. If you are verifying your identity on a computer, you will be able to switch to a phone for this part of the process. You are not required to upload a picture of yourself or take a selfie for identity verification.

Tips for taking photos of your ID with a camera

  • Do use a high resolution camera (8 megapixel or higher). Most phone or tablet cameras will work, your computer webcam may not. We recommend you use your mobile device.
  • Do use a solid, dark background.
  • Do show the edges of the ID in the photo.
  • Do take a clear photo without shadows, glares, reflections or blur.
  • Do check that barcodes are not damaged or dirty.
  • Do take the photo in a well lit area with indirect light.
  • Don’t use your flash.
  • Don’t crop the background.

Tips for uploading or scanning your ID:

  • Follow the same tips for taking photos of your ID with a camera
  • Save each file as a JPG or PNG. You cannot use a PDF file. Look at the name of your file and it should have an abbreviation after the title (ex: JohnDoeID_Front.jpg)
  • Make sure your ID takes up about 80% of the images
  • Make sure your images are high-resolution (around 2025 x 1275 pixels is ideal)
  • Images should be in color (24-bit RGB)

How to verify your identity
Accepted state-issued identification
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