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If you cannot sign in to your USAJOBS profile because you’ve permanently lost access to your authentication methods, you can reset your account by deleting it and relinking a new one.

Deleting your existing account and creating a new one will let you use the same email address and set up new authentication methods. However, if you delete your account, you will not be able to sign in to USAJOBS (or any other government application that is linked to your account) until you create a new account and relink it. It will take at least 24 hours to delete your account.

  1. First, sign in at with your username and password. When asked for your authentication method, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Choose another authentication method.” On the next page, scroll down to “If you can’t use any of these security options above, you can reset your preferences by deleting your account.” and click on the link.
  2. Read through all the information carefully to make sure deleting your account is the only way to reset your account settings and click on “Yes, continue deletion” to proceed.
  3. You will immediately receive an email confirmation that your delete request was received.
  4. As a security measure, you will receive another email with the link to continue deleting your account 24 hours after the initial confirmation arrives.
  5. While you are waiting for the second email notification, you must contact the USAJOBS helpdesk to unlink your profile. Go to the USAJOBS Help Center on and click on the “Contact Us” button located at the bottom of the page. Do not create a new account until you have received confirmation that your profile has been unlinked. You will need to provide the following information about your profile to the USAJOBS helpdesk:
    • Email address
    • First, middle, and last name (if applicable, also include suffix (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) and maiden name)
    • Mailing and home address (include any past or present addresses that you’ve listed in your profile)
    • Phone numbers (include any past or present phone numbers you’ve listed in your profile)
    • Answers to your security questions (Secret Question 1-3)
  6. The USAJOBS helpdesk will send you an email confirming that your profile has been unlinked. That email will also provide guidance for regaining access to your account.
  1. Go to, click on “Sign in”, click on “Create an account”, and follow the steps to create a new account. Make sure you use the same email address as the account you just deleted (the email address you use for your USAJOB account).
  2. If you followed these steps in this order and used the correct email, your profile will automatically link.

NOTE: Do not create a new account until your profile has been unlinked. You must first unlink your account before creating a new one. If you do not unlink your account before you create a new one, we will not be able to link your accounts.

If you have any questions about linking your account, please contact the USAJOBS helpdesk.