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My SAM information is not there

If you are an existing SAM user and don’t see your profile after signing in, this means you did not use the same email address you registered with To update your email address to match your registered email you’ll need to:

  1. Go to and
  2. select “Sign In” to access your account
  3. select “edit” next to your email
  4. Enter the correct email address and select “update”
  5. You will be sent a confirmation email. You must open and select the confirmation link to finish updating your email

If you can’t remember the email you registered with, you can contact the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220 (toll fee) or 334-206-7828 (internationally) for assistance. You may also submit your request via web form at

If you no longer have access to the email you used to create your profile, you will need to create a new profile with your new account.